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You will see the babies Chinchilla and their paraent , the Chin you got  from us ,no only the chin also with their pedigree info , We have the baby just ready to their new home , and you could also deposit the just bron Chin baby , for any chin baby that take on a holding position , we are require 50% of deposit of our selling price and you will get him/her after 3-4months , during the nursing&weaning time you are allow to visit the chin baby for any time in our business hours . 



Before you calling us ,


Please note that if you ask for prices for our animale that's already on our website , we do not respond to the questions that are all alreay answered in our website . 



The benefits to our purchased or currently of customers :


We are providing ''After Sold Caring Services'' - free healthy advise to any of our sold animals .


From 2019 ,we are going to invite our customers to ours facility to entertain our Animales Party ,Ourside & Inside Event ,Education Class , Talk/sharing time & story with the same hobby person, biologist,farmer ,rancher etc ... you could bring your Reptile ,Bird , Chinchilla to our here (No Dog or cat ) we provide the best quality of coffee and bakery 


The customers will receive our invitation from our calling ,email or a invition letter . If we missed you we may lost your contact info ,please call us back to update it  .




We are only re-home our animales to the loving home .

All our animales only allow to adopt as family pet, no for breeding purposes , Violator wil be reject from our end . 




724 N Garey Ave

Pomona , CA , USA

Business Hours 

10 am -7 pm

7 days /wk 

#909 706 8736 



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