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We Are Located :

1391 W Arrow Hwy 

San Dimas CA 91773 


Business Hours :                          

10am - 8pm 

Monday - Sunday


Attention ! ! ! 


There Is A Admission Fee To Enter Our Animal Display Area. 



20 Minutes Visiting Time. 

Max Two Adult with One or Two Kid/Time.

Under The Age Of 18 - A Paraent or Guardian (18+) Must Be Present At The Time.

* Free Admission Fee At Same Business Day Over $500 Purchases *

* NO Admission Fee To Regular Customer *


In Our Here

You will see the babies Chinchilla and their paraent , the Chin you got from us , also come with their pedigree info , We have the chin baby just ready for their new home , and you could also deposit the just bron Chin baby , for any chin baby that take on a holding position , we are require 50% of deposit of our selling price and you will get him or her while the chin baby reached 2-3 months old , during the nursing & weaning time you are allow to visit the chin baby in any time of our business hours .


Please Note Before You Calling Us


* We Do Not Respond To The Questions That All Already Answered In Our Website & Ads .

* For Our Chinchilla Price Only Available In Store .

* For All Reptile Inquiring, PLease Included The Species Name and Quantity . 

* All Our Animal Price & Availability Are Subject To Change Without Notice .


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Store # 909 506 4422 


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FaceBook @ King Chinchilla

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Our Purposes :

All our animales only allow to adopt as family pet , We are only re-home our animales to the loving home .


We Refuse Service To:


Under no circumstances will we sell to minors ( those under the age of 18 ), irresponsible buyer, uninformed buyer or to anyone we feel may abuse or misuse our animals and or products.We reserve the right to decline any order. 


Ship Reptile or Bird To You  

# 1 Shipping Method For Small Order:

we could arrange shipment for reptile , bird all year long ,Except holiday , improper temperature & bad weather season . 

Shipping will be by Fedex priority overnight , animal will be package by approved insulated shipping box , a heat or cold pad will be added in when needed . shipping quote will depending on your location and package sizes . 


# 2 Shipping Method For Large Order : 


We could ship your ordered reptile or bird via airline . The shipping package will required the customer to pick it up at the airport ( you could choice your nearest airport to pick it up ). Shipping quote start from $200 for the airline flight plus expenses for the shipping carrier , and airport transportation fee , and all required paperwork fee . 



Ship Chinchilla To You 

To ship the chinchilla , the temperatures at both the deparature and destination must be 40 F above to 80 F below . or the animal can not ship . chinchilla could only be shipped by special airflight . Shipping quote start from $200 for the airline flight plus expenses for the shipping carrier , and airport transportation fee , and all required paperwork fee .


Attention :Animal You Need To Shipped You Must Be 5 Hours Away From Our Location , Otherwise You Need To Pick It Up At Our Facility .