The natural hatbitat of the chinchilla was the western slopes of the Andes Mountains .They lived at all altitudes, from sea level to 18,000 feet . 

Temperature Range 

68F --- 70F and require air-conditioning in the summer .The chinchilla should have to kept in an AC providing room . If they are kept a room above 72F - 74F , they can get heatstroke , rectal prolapse and die . 


Chinchilla are vegetarians , thriving on a simple , dry food diet .The average chinchilla is fed about a tablespoon of pellets per day. Some will eat more and some less. Loose Hay could be fed daily or three or four times per week .If Hay Cube only 1 time per week ( if the chinchilla is under a year old give the Timothy hay cube , Alfafa hay cube only provide to the year old chinchilla , cuz their teeth are strong enough for chewing ) . Make sure you chinchilla eat an right amount of diet .If over feeding it could easily to cause the chinchilla get diarrhea . NO HUMAN FOOD NO FRESH OR DRY FRUIT NO NUTS OR SEEDS.


Chinchilla should have a supply of fresh water available to them at all times .NO mineral water NO distilled water . FILTERED TOPWATER ONLY .

Bedding /Substrate

White Pine shaving or Cob bedding only , NO mix wood shaving ,NO sand,NO recyled paper litter 

Chinchilla are such curiosity animal, they will eat to swallow and chew everything you put inside of their cage . No safe of bedding could poison the chin and it cause the chin get Diarrhea , Stomach internal bleeding ,and die at any of above those situation.


Chinchillas take a bath the way most children would prefer - they take a dry one , not a wet one . their bathing is referred to as '' dusting '',or taking a dust bath . they range from daily dusting to once or twice a week , and dusting times from five minutes to an hour or more .


Follow the chinchilla around with one hand until he is in a position where you can firmly grasp the tail near the base . lifting him by the tail ,holding his belly area by another hand NO GRIP ,FLAT HAND ONLY . We met so much case like broken bone, internal bleeding , rectal prolapse or other complications that made by unconscious of force .